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Brooklin Canine is a family run business initially established in Brooklin, ON Canada. It has grown and relocated to Battle Ground, Washington USA, but continues to serve clients across the US and Canada.

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Ontario, CAN
Denver, CO
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Training Programs

Private Lessons, Day Training, Boarding Training, Puppy Academy

Private Lessons

Private lessons are designed for the eager and experienced dog owner that wants to be deeply involved in all points of the training process. These 45 minute lessons will give you structure and content for you, as the dog owner, to teach and practice lessons with your dog between sessions. If you have a foundation and familiarity with training and raising dogs and are committed to the consistency and time needed to move your dog forward in his training, this would be a fantastic partnership for you and one of our trainers.
The dog will be evaluated weekly on progress and a personalized lesson plan will be created you and your dog to practice between sessions. We will carefully illustrate the mechanics and methods to move your dog’s training forward. All equipment required for these lessons are to be prepared and supplied by the owner before the first session: place bed, leash, treat pouch, long line, training collar(s), and high value treats.

6 lessons $995

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Day Training

Our day training program is a happy medium between a board & train program and private lessons. The day training program consists of your trainer working on site at your home three days a week for private, one-on-one coaching. Each session is booked a generous hour. This program is available in four, five, and six week packages. Multi-dog homes will have extended training sessions to accommodate extra dogs.
Each week, your trainer will demonstrate what your dog is learning and provide simple homework items to practice and maintain their new skills. All day train programs include any of the following training equipment as needed: cot bed, slip lead, prong collar, long line, treat pouch, or tab leash. Owners are asked to provide soft training treats their dog is motivated to eat and that meets their dog's diet requirements: allergies, protein preferences, and taste preference.

4 wks - $2395

5 wks - $2995

6 wks - $3495

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*Travel charges may apply

Board and Train

Board and train programs are designed for the owners who are sincerely invested in their dog working through behaviour goals with a professional 24/7. Dogs in our board and train program live on site with us working daily with their trainer. Potential candidates might include (but not limited to) basic obedience, advanced obedience, behaviour modification, and therapy/service dog training. For programs specifically designed for puppies, please see our Puppy Academy information.
All candidates for the board and train program are interviewed and selected upon approval.

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Puppy Academy

Our puppy academy programs are customized after assessment. In this course your puppy will learn incredibly valuable skills and tools that they will use for the rest of their life! Puppyhood is the most important period for creating foundational behaviors and constructing your pet’s world view.

Program Details

Puppy Academy Programs

Our training curriculum consists of the development of an operant conditioning communication system to establish a happy, confident attitude towards training and new adventures. We work intentionally with your puppy throughout their critical development periods. Developing a balanced, well-adjusted dog takes an abundance of patience and time to walk them through all of the growth stages. Our programs are focused on not only developing your puppy, but also giving you, the owner/handler, all the tools needed to have success from puppyhood and beyond! It is just as important for the owner/handlers to understand their puppy and learn how to maintain progress with their puppy as it is for the puppy to understand cues. We partner with with you for the entire journey.

Introduction to basic obedience  Leash walking & leash manners
Crate & Potty training Marker training (verbal)
Name recognition Feeding ritual - Wait for food
Engagement & Luring Polite Greetings
Exposure & Socialization Accountability
Motivation Building & Behavior creation Settle/ Self-control

Brooklin Canine Family

Brooklin Canine puppy owners stay connected with our private social media groups. Share your pups experiences, adventures, and special milestones!

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Meet The Trainer

Jessica Merkowsky

Head Trainer, Owner
Jessica Merkowsky, owner and head trainer, began training professionally in 2016 while living in Brooklin, ON Canada. Mentored by excellent service and therapy dog trainers at Honor Service Dogs in Charlotte, North Carolina, she developed her skills raising and training gentle, confident service and therapy dogs that were placed in homes across the US and Canada. Her constant community presence with these well-mannered pups grew her private training opportunities and Brooklin Canine started to grow! She was soon training not only service and therapy dogs, but also helping families with basic obedience, advanced obedience, behaviour modification, and puppy development. Furthering her training and expertise, she studied in person with renowned dog trainer Michael Ellis at the Michael Ellis School for Dog Trainers in Santa Rosa, California. She also has worked with Blue Sky Canine in Parker, CO as trainer and mentor, partnering with them to develop their training programs and trainers, and also work with clients across the greater Denver area. Looking ahead, Jessica is excited to continue to working with clients and welcoming litters at their new facility in Battle Ground, WA. She is also anticipating furthering her training skills as she has plans to attend scent dog development school and becoming a certified canine strength and conditioning coach (CSCC).

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